I am Playboy's Miss May 2009


I was one of the five girls chosen nationwide to compete for the 55th Anniversary Playmate.


I was featured on five episodes of ''The Girls Next Door" on "E" in 2009.


I was one of the leading girls for the show "The Bunny House" in 2010.


I was featured with Robbie Ravea and Fast Eddie in the "Let me sip my drink" music video in 2009.


I have hosted events nationally and internationally.


I played the leading lady in red for the "Stoli vodka" international commercial starring Hugh Hefner in 2010.


I played the main showcase girl in the national 2011 super bowl commercial for "Mini cooper".


I was in 3 commercial spots for the Playboy Jazz festival with Bill Cosby and Hugh Hefner for 2011.


I am a print model for swimsuits, hair, and fashion. I also have been in numerous runway shows, including Red Ken, La Perla and some very exclusive Italian designers.


I have played small parts in two low budget films such as "The Hag" and "The Thirsting"


I wrote a blog called "Get a Nightlife" for


I have conducted countless interviews on TV and radio, most recently with NBC and FOX for the 2012 Super Bowl.


I participated as a spokeswoman for PET's "Only Animals Should Wear Fur" campaign on Michigan ave. which received national media coverage.


I'm the Host in the TV show pilot for Libido 2.0